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NCATS Web and E-mail Hosting Services

NCATS provides an easy and affordable means to establish your very own web site and/or e-mail server. Our service provides you with complete online tools for publishing web content, viewing daily archived statistics about outside visitors, and maintaining multiple personal e-mail address's at your very own dot com, net, org, etc.

This service is ideal for:

  • Businesses or individuals wishing to provide business e-mail address's to employees
  • Businesses or individuals wishing to establish a web presence
Services Include:
  • 1Gb Storage Space
  • Domain Registration
  • Web Site Hosting
  • Unlimited Email Accounts
  • Web Based Email Services
  • Email List Services/Distribution Lists
  • Basic Email Filtering
  • Advanced Traffic Analysis
  • Database Access
Optional Add-on Services Include: (contact NCATS for pricing/details)
  • Barracuda Spam/Virus Protection
  • Expanded Storage
NCATS web hosting is a subscription based service costing a flat rate of $20 per month with a one-time start-up cost of $50. As part of this service, NCATS banner advertisement is available at 50% of normal cost.

Domain Name Registration
For customers needing name registration such as dot com, net, org, etc, NCATS will register your chosen name using Network Solutions. You may visit Network Solutions to search for available domain names before deciding on which one is best for you.

Getting Started
Call us at (231) 924-8872 or e-mail us at to sign up today.

Frequently Asked Questions:

  • How much space will I be allowed to use?
    As part of your paid service you will be guaranteed 1Gb of disk space for your sites content. This includes space needed to store e-mail for users of your web based e-mail.

  • What kind of server will my page be served from?
    NCATS uses the latest in server technology from DELL to provide effective and reliable service. Your files are protected by RAID which guards against hard disk failure, redundant power guarded by UPS and backup generator to ensure power 24/7.

  • What kind of speed will my e-mail and website have?
    Your site will have direct high-speed access to the outside world providing your customers ultra-fast performance and reliability 24/7.

  • Can I check my e-mail from the web?
    Yes, The web mail portion of your account is a very handy means to remotely manage your accounts and e-mail. This is a free service as part of your purchase. As such we do not guarantee the reliability of web based e-mail services. This is not to say that such services are not reliable, quite the contrary. We realize that this will be a very important convenience for all your users needs.

  • How many e-mail accounts can I have on the server?
    The number of accounts you are allowed to create for your business are unlimited, allowing you to provide an e-mail address to each employee.

  • How can I publish my web site?
    You can publish your web site through FrontPage server extensions or through an FTP connection.

  • Will I be able to view the number of visitors viewing my page?
    Yes, and unlike many other providers, NCATS provides free and advanced statistics for your web site allowing you to track your sites usage and effectiveness. Again, as a free service we do not guarantee its availability. Rest assured that we intend to keep this service running top notch.

  • Will NCATS register my site with search engines?
    No, NCATS will not register your site with internet search engines. Registration of a site with search engines will need to be done by your web site developer.

  • What kind of backups do you maintain in case of an emergency?
    Though NCATS does maintain full and complete backup copies of the server hosting your site we will not claim responsibility in the rare event that content is lost. We strive to make the service as reliable and safe as possible, but to doubly insure the protection of your data we recommend to all customers to maintain your own copy of all your web sites content somewhere other than the server itself. The computer from which the site was published being the best choice of course.