Newaygo County Advanced Technology Services
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An Educational Telecommunications Network of the NC RESA    •    4747 W. 48th St. Fremont MI 49412    •    231.924.8872    •

Wireless Broadband Internet

Computer Repair

    NCATS offers Computer Repair services. Call for an appointment.

    Rate: $40 per hour with a $20 minimum charge.

    We offer:
    Software troubleshooting and installation
    Hardware troubleshooting and installation
    Virus/Malware Removal

Local Area Dial-Up Internet

    Serving Fremont, Newaygo, White Cloud, Grant, Hesperia, and Holton areas. Local Internet service for FREE local telephone calls from 924, 928, 652, 689, 834, 854, and 821 telephone exchanges

    For occasional Internet users, who only wish to use the World Wide Web, and send and receive electronic mail, a dial-up connection is all that is needed.

    Individual And Small Business Access
    Dial-up PPP Internet Access via 56k v.92 Modems

    Service Plan Startup Charge Monthly Rate
    Annual Rate (non-refundable) Free $ 13.33
    ($160 lump sum)
    Unlimited Online Usage Free $ 20
    25 Hours per Month Free $ 10
    10 Hours per Month Free $ 5

    Service includes one e-mail address, SPAM/Junk mail filtering, e-mail anti-virus protection, web-based e-mail, and friendly personal support.