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We Connect Newaygo County

Fiber Internet to
Local Schools

Fremont, Grant, Hesperia,
Newaygo, White Cloud,


Tech Support for
Local Schools

NCRESA, Fremont, Grant, Hesperia, Newaygo, White Cloud,
Big Jackson

Supporting Community Partners

-County of Newaygo

-Village of Hesperia

-City of Grant
-City of Newaygo

-City of Fremont

-City of White Cloud

-Bridgeton Township

-Casnovia Township
-Croton Township

-Gerber Foundation

-Fremont Community Foundation

Fiber Internet to
Local Libraries

White Cloud, Fremont,
Grant, Hesper

*Newaygo & Croton - 2024 completion

Tech Advice for the Community

Our customer service is happy to help you with your tech questions!




We work closely with students of the IT program at the Newaygo County Career-Tech Center to foster a pipeline of talent from classroom to career.

Newaygo County Advanced Technology Services (NCATS) was formed in 1995 as the technology department of the Newaygo County Regional Educational Agency (NC RESA). NCATS coordinates many technology services throughout the county and has become a resource to our county agencies.

Along with the school technology services, NCATS operates an Educational Telecommunications Network, which includes fiber optic networks and wireless communications towers. This network serves the public schools, students, educational professionals and educational partners with the Newaygo County districts.

NCATS is known as the Internet Service Provider for much of our community. NCATS operates hundreds of service sites and continues to expand its high speed broadband service focusing on unserved and underserved areas.

We continue to exercise every resource at our disposal to reach those without service or choice. We continue to invest the total of our revenue to continually improve our existing service, to expand these services to others, and to provide resources and service to our community.

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